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Welcome to ourachievers.com
Are you seeking for –
Computer Science tuition in Durgapur
Tuition for Computer Science with Python
Tuition for Computer Science with C++
Tuition for C/C++, Java?
Tuition for the Python?
Guideline Tutorial Institute of Computer Science, led by Mr. Biswajit Dey (P.G.T Computer Science). Guideline Tutorial Institute of Computer Science offers coaching for subject Computer Science following C.B.S.E / I.C.S.E syllabus.

What makes this tutorial institute different from others?
It’s the very scientific, innovative and unique teaching process being followed here, makes learning a pleasant experience. This tutorial institute actually educates following individual’s very implicit way of learning.
After the introduction of latest computer programming language – ‘PYTHON’ by C.B.S.E in the Computer Science syllabus of +2 in the year 2013, this tutorial institute was the only one of its kind which started providing tuition classes for the same, when there were no prescribed books in the market covering the computer syllabus of class XII. Since then this tutorial institute has developed its own study material on PYTHON, containing very unique explanations of the topics and exclusive program codes and other techniques.
What it believes and follows?
Every individual is unique and follows his own way to understand the facts. It doesn’t necessarily mean that explanation on a particular topic written in a so called famous author’s book will match every one’s way of understanding.
Teaching technique should –
i.Include mechanism to access student’s learning capacity periodically.
Adopt assessment technique of a diagnostic and remedial nature
ii.Provide a platform for the active participation of students in the process of self-learning.
iii.Be able to impart profound motivation and self-esteem in students, both of which are crucial influences on learning process.

What you can gain from here?
The class room teaching technique of Guideline Tutorial Institute of Computer Science helps you to gain expert knowledge in subject matters related to Computer Science.
1.Here, in our computer science tuition class, we provide technical explanations of the topics in a very logical way to the students.
2.Very high level program source code explanation.
3.Unique coding techniques.
4.Our own study material
Apart from aforementioned apparent benefits, you can learn to put your innovative ideas in our creations. Thus your subject – ‘Computer Science’ becomes the most interesting subject for you.

Tuition classes are available for-
1.Computer Science (VIII – X CBSE/ICSE)
2.Computer Science with C++ (XI – XII CBSE)
3.Computer Science with Python (XI – XII CBSE)
4.Tuition for modular courses -
ii.Java (using BlueJ/NetBeans)
iv.Python (Following C.B.S.E syllabus)
v.Database Management System + Oracle
vii.Digital Electronics
viii.System Analysis and Design
ix.Data Communication and Networking

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